Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God's Working And I Can See It!!!

 Well, it has been a mintue since I last updated my blog and since I am making a new with everything eles, I am gonna keep this updated and make a new blog for my photography bussiness. God is so good and you hear a lot of people say that, but in order to understand why they say that, you have to have God leading your life. My job is still flowing and the boys are the same nothing much has changed with them, other than height:) I haven't been worried about work once I leave this family, because I know God will supply my needs and he has been all alone. I recieved my very first pay as a photographer, on Jan 2, 2011. I was so happy and just in unbelief, that I didn't know how to recevie it, but God has my back and I am seeing that, and I gotta have his too, so 2011 I wanna give him my all this year.
  I wanna talk about my vows that I gave when I received christ as my lord and savior. I vowed to let him have my life and to do as he wanted to with it, and I vowed to be a new creature and to let the former things go and to leave them as former. I renewed my vows and no I haven't been sinning or anything, but as Christians we all need to be refreshed and with this it helps you grow in christ even more. I have things that wasn't done in 2010, that should have already been done and I refuse to carry those things into another year ignoring them as I have done. I want God to move like never before this year, so I am gonna let him take full control. I can't tackle these things along and I need Gods help. It's like an object you have to put together, but you need the manuel for help. That is how I feel, I need God's help to get through, these things, that I am about to tackle. I know that the ememy is gonna come and I am ready to handle him, so I tell him now. You want keep me held back any longer, I am moving on.
  I am still single and no guy has caught my eye yet, but I haven't really been thinking about that lately, now don't get me wrong. I would like to have the marriage and kids and the whole family thing, but it's not something that I have to have or i'll die if I don't get married as some people puts it. I feel that right now in my life,my single hood is very important on what God is about to do with me. He knows me and I know me as well, I need complete focus on things that I want to do. So if God includes a mate for me while he's working with me, that is part of the plan, that he has for me. In the meantime I am totally doing God's will and waiting.
 One thing I believe that God is working on me with is ministering to others. I do it yes, but not with strangers like I should. That's not good, because I plan to get into a little mission work and it's out of the country, I know if I can't talk to the strangers in my own country,how will I do it in another Country. So I actually did some  witnessing to a white family that just moved into a black neighborhood, where our new church will be. My singles leader went with me, and the presence from the son and dad was very pleasant and receving. I wasn't really nervous or shy like I thought I would be, but I plan to do even more witnessing to strangers and I am so ready. I have a trip to a nursing home on the 19th and that is gonna be very good.
 More on my life as a photographer, so I am loving this everytime I pull out fugi(that's what I call my camera..lol). Like I said receieving my first pay really was unbelievable. This is not to brag or anything, but it's like your doing something great and people like it. I personally just snap the camera and then do a little editing and really not knowing what I am doing at times, but the talents I have God gave it to me. I have to use it to the best of my abilty. I am still learning and want to learn more on photography, so I am gonna be looking into some digital classes. God is with me and I know that he has a lot more in store. I just have to be ready, for the ride. I will be making another blog to post my work real soon.
   The child that I keep during the day, will be attending pre-k next fall and I will be moving on. I don't know what God has in store next for me, but I know it is good. I am getting my debt out  of the way as well and I have a fiancial partner, that is helping me out. She helped me see something, that I hadn't been seeing. I have three jobs I am a nanny, a babysitter and a photographer. So I have no worries about wondering about what I will do about money once I leave my nanny Job. God says he'll supply our needs and all we have to do is see that and so I will just keep that in my heart as I have before and keep praying that my all my business will keep growing. Well, until next time I will update more information!!