Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finished Book

 So I finished the book No Longer A Slum dog, might I add as I have before, this book has really pumped up my faith even more. As followers of Jesus, your faith needs to stay increased. This book has did this in may ways and I am so blessed, to have received this book as a free gift. Most people turn away from sad problems, but if you turn away from the sad things of this world, then you have neglected to to even try and give hope to what could be turned into something happy.   Don't misunderstand please, the word of God says  in Romans 12:15.....Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. Reading this book really showed that example and less sadness really traps the enemy.  We don't want to give him any joy to him.
 All the kids in this book had a story to tell of how God brought them up out of some rough situations, some things that many adults have not even faced or what you wouldn't even want an animal to experience. It amazes me how good God is and just with one touch of love. He can change a situation around and make it seems as if it was never really there. The kids love for God became so strong, that they would share that love with their parents and even pray for them and in turn, their parents would come to know God. The kids faith was so strong, one child story in the book grandfather was blind and the child told him about how Jesus healed the blind man in the bible and he was able to see. The child faith was so strong that when the child prayed for the Grandfather he was healed and then he started following Jesus. That is just many of one of the stories in this book. The Gospel For Asia Bridge of hope centers has really blessed these kids lives and I know that God is very pleased.
 I was very encouraged in many ways, reading this book. I already desired to go to Asia and to be another light for the people. Reading this book has really got me pumped even more. I have been encourged enough to know that when I pray and ask God for something, my faith will be on a very higher level, than it has ever been. My prayer life will grow even more, I am encouraged and amazed at how these kids pray to God without being asked to do so. It is so sad that our kids her in the US is so spoiled to the the point that half of them really don't know how blessed they are, to be able for their needs to get met. Our kids can go to school for free and get free books and half of them don't even want to go. The kids in Asia fight everyday and would love to take their places. I thank that they need to show our kids what the kids in Asia go through and maybe, some of them will get in line, where they need to be.I am just so encouraged, because if God can change these people that don't have anything and they come to know him, then I know that there is still hope for people over here.
 Once again, that was a great book and I just pray that everything will be done according to God's will in Asia and that he will keep blessing the Gospel for Asia