Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great days!!!

 I am so busy and I wish, that I can update this blog on a regular, but I stay to busy to even type a long note. I am here now, so please enjoy:). I can start by saying that I am still single, and with being so busy, I couldn't even fit a mate in at the time I am just really still enjoying my single hood and allowing God to keep using me until he decides, that he ready for me to release that single hood. Okay, I got that update out the way and now on to other things.
 Easter, was great and no I am not taking about, who found the lucky egg That is so not what Easter is about, I am just glad and thankful for Jesus death, it scares me to even think about not even being here. Many people know the story and just as the tradition, that they keep about going to church on Easter Sunday, they also let the story of the resurrection be the story they hear, just like Christmas time, with the birth of Jesus. It would be nice if those same people, gave their life to Christ and actually opened their hearts and received what God is really offering. I can't just insist, but I can pray and so can others, that are true warriors.
  Pictures update, wow what a blessing, you know I was worried about bills piling up and me be so far behind and not having enough money to do this or do that, like I blogged in another blog. I didn't really have a clue as to what I was That is where God stepped right on in and spiced, things up. He is growing my business and I am so thankful. I think about how it all started and how, the camera was giving to me and even my laptop to store photos and edit on and just take it around with me to show my work off. I know that this is God and I know he isn't done with me, I know it is gonna get even bigger. I have my first wedding coming up on my birthday and I felt like I was the one getting married. I was so nervous about doing a wedding with my camera, the lighting and other things were on my mind,but I have decided that, there is no need to even be nervous. God has me in this and he will take care of everything. I can officially call myself a photographer.
Well with it being so late, I guess I will add more tomorrow, but I have a Easter photo of my self that was taken today, that I will post. Well, until next time!!!!