Tuesday, July 31, 2012


God is doing some amazing things in my life. He is so good, I never have made it this far on eating right and getting daily exercises before. I would usually go for like a week and a half and then stop. I know that, this is no body but God's doing and I am so thankful for all he is doing and will do. I am beating my flesh and not letting it beat me. I am winning.

Day 44

Breakfast: Two- boiled eggs, two hash browns and a glass of water.
Snack: A grab bag of nacho rings chips

I skipped lunch and dinner. I know that, that wasn't such a smart move, but I will keep on pushing. I did however, walk and Jog today for my normal time and I did 10 sets of jump roping. I was so tired, but I got it done.....Yay me:)

Tomorrow I plan to really get in more stomach exercises and get into my math along with reading more of the word. God is covering me and I thank him.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, today was an okay day, I haven't recorded anything since Wednesday, but my eating ways are still good. I also worked out during my time away from recording. I guess I have developed a rotiune and it is going good. I weighed in today and only lost a pound. I was a little upset, but the good news is that I am no longer in the 80's, but I am at 79. I can be glad about that, because I am knocking these pounds off of me thank you Jesus. I am so impressed that I am actually sticking to this way of living.
I shouldn't be because I knew that God would get me to where I need to be. I think I last posted about getting away from the computer some. Well, that would really be nice for real..lol. I am just about finished on the last wedding that I did. I posted I would no longer do them, but I possibly have two coming up. I am gonna just shut my mouth and let God bring forth increase and thank him. He is trying to do something in me and I am pushing away, I am gonna just let him do him.

Day 43

Breakfast: a piece of bacon, a piece of toast and a glass of water
Lunch: one hot dog on bread, a few raisins and a glass of water
Dinner: grilled pork chop on the for man, green beans a small portion, mac and cheeses a small portion and a glass of water.

Today I jumped roped to the books of the bible, it is interesting, try it..lol. In the afternoon, I did my jog and walked.During this week, I plan to get in more sit ups and other exercises that works the stomach. Also focus on getting this math out the way, I can't keep putting it aside. If God is helping me with the weight loss he will help me pass this test. I really love kids and I want so bad to work with them, but it seem as if there is something blocking me, but I don't care how long it takes. I will not give up and I want be defeated. God is about to do something big in my life, I know that he is. Gonna keep working on this temple:)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, today was just as God made it and I had no complaints about it at all. It was truly his his day and I rejoiced in it and I was totally glad. I actually got to see the birth of a baby, and I captured it. That was so neat and I am so blessed to have been apart of it. That through me off my workout, but I didn't mess up my eating plan to bad.

Day 38

Breakfast: Banana and water
Lunch: Smart one weight watchers dinner. Steak with mac and cheese with water
Snack: small bag of chips
Dinner: Grilled chicken stoffer dinner with veggies in it. I only ate a little of it and then a few chips

Well, tomorrow I plan to get back into my workout. There is no time to slack off I gotta knock off these 80 pounds. Praying that God will bless my tomorrow:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thirty- Seven

Well, today was a boring day, well it started out that way. I thank God for it though, because some people didn't even live to tell about it. So we need to be thankful for all of our days, rather they are good or bad. I did okay today I guess with the workout process. I went to the movies, so I didn't get to do any afternoon exercise. I am so thankful for my brother, he went to the movies with me. I normally go alone, which at first I use to feel awkward about going alone, but then I got to where. I just really didn't care anymore, because it is me alone. I wanna do fun things and I want let not having hang out buddies stop that, any how I enjoyed the movie.


Day 37

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, Two hash browns and a glass of water
Lunch: Banana and a glass of water
Snack: Medium Popcorn at movies with regular lemonade (Yeah, very bad..lol)
Dinner: McDonald's chicken sandwhich(which was very nasty) a medium french fries and a medium sprite

I jogged this morning and it was my exercise for the day. Well, one thing I do know is that I am improving because that meal from McDonald's was terrible and that Medium meal filled me up. Well, I will push on some more tomorrow.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Blessings from God, today was wonderful and it was also weigh in day. God is so good, and he keeps on doing great things for me. I lost 4 pounds today, I would have liked for it to have been more, but I am doing this thing right. I am so excited that Jesus has heard my cries and I am no longer eating food that isn't good for me as much as I was and I am showing myself approved by working out and eating right and I see God working. All glory belongs to him. I will be doing me a photo shoot soon of myself, it is time to get those before shots going. It is also time for me to make myself get back on my math. Because just as I am showing my self approved on this workout, I can do the same with this math. I thank God so much for the things he is doing in my life and will continue to do.

Day 36

I skipped breakfast due to me walking late and I went and weighed in, I gotta stop that missing breakfast.
Lunch: I had  the other half of my sub and a bag of chips I got yesterday from subway with and a glass of water.
Dinner: I had two piece of grilled cube steaks, corn and a glass of kool-aid

I jogged this morning and I walked this afternoon.

Time to go harder tomorrow and throw in some jump rope time and more jogging tomorrow. My target weight loss for this week is 4 or more pounds. I am determine to reach 200 before the winter and now I have to knock off  80 pounds and by the grace of God it will be done. I will continue working on this temple that God owns.


Well, I know it is late and I am fighting my sleep and I shouldn't be, I want to record my days 34 and 35. I had very busy weekend of picture taking, I must add that this and it is off the subject of my healthy recording, but I have to post it. You know it is so sad when you are not accepted by family members and totally over looked and talked about behind your back. I am a friendly and nice person and I give to all if I could and out the kindness of my heart I did a gracious thing for a family member and I was treated very cold. I am posting this as a lesson learned for someone who may read what I am writing. You see I could turn into this cold hearted mean person, but that is not me and I am a follower of Jesus, so I gotta make him look good in all things and at all times. I am gonna press on and not worry about yesterday's problems and leave yesterday with all its problems and forget it. I was mad, but God is still shaping and molding me and he wants to take me, to some places. So I have to be Christ like in all I do. I have decided to step away from weddings until I basically upgrade and learn a little more about photographing them. I had a very challenging experience on Saturday, that gave me the answer I needed to just announce no more weddings. I had to get that out, one more last time. Today was a better day, and I thank God for it.

Day 33

I only had water and one soda during breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had McDonald's I got a cheese burger with lettus, Medium French Fries, and Medium Sprite. My exercise that day was shooting pics at a wedding. I had a full workout with that and it was no joke.

Day 34

Breakfast:Two egg and a piece of toast with a glass of water.
Lunch: Skipped
Dinner: Subway 6inch sandwich, a few chips and a glass of water

Exercise was more pictures.

So tomorrow is weigh in for me and I am nervous, but I hope I didn't gain if I didn't lose anything, but the scale will tell. This week I plan to work harder on my working out and getting in my studies more. I am also gonna work on staying in tune with God, when I am faced with obstacles. I am still gonna stick to God's word and do his will.

Friday, July 20, 2012


 Well, today was good, but I didn't get to do any exercises today. However, I had a photo shoot today and I was all over the place so I am considering that my workout for today. I am so glad that God has given me this talent of photography. I don't have all the materials I need and I don't have the right camera. I had to stop thinking and wishing that I had all I need for this business, because God is leading this business. He gave me the talent and the things I do have for it now. God will supply and I am putting all that in his hands. I am gonna continue to love my camera, that I have now and treat it as I would if I had the big one:)

Day 33

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a piece of toast with a glass of water
Lunch: I skipped..lol
Dinner: I have fast food, from a chicken restaurant. I got two pieces of fried wings, and french fries and I had a glass of kool-aid with it.

I hate I didn't get to do my jog in and I am gonna try my best to get it in at least once  tomorrow. I am booked all weekend with taken pictures and so I will use that as a workout if I don't get one, but I will be careful with what I eat. I have a wedding tomorrow it will be the forth one that I have done with my little camera and I am praying for nice weather as well as covering over me as I do this shoot dealing with many different personalities.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


God granted me with another day and I so very thankful for it. I woke a litter later, than normal, so I had a late start today. I was thinking today, that I seriously need to get in more study time. I am 31 and I don't want to be in my 40's still trying to pass this test. I am seriously gonna have to pull in some study time and let the PC go for a while, well facebook..lol. It seems as if I have gotten addicted to it again. I am gonna work on that while maintaining my weight loss. God will help me out so I will just put myself out there to get the work done.

Day 32

Breakfast/Lunch: Two hash browns and one boiled egg and glass of water
Dinner: Two small ground beef patties on the foreman grill, Carrots and a glass of water

I jogged on and walked on and off in the morning and the afternoon...YaY me. God is so good, I also haven't been recording it, but I I have been doing some stomach exercise such as sit ups and stomach crunches and tonight I will be doing thirty crunches.

I totally feel better about my eating habits today, than I did yesterday, but hey I had a weak moment and I will have to avoid having those if I want to meet my goal.I am excited about my outcome of the day and I am gonna keep it up over the weekend as much as I can I have some photo shoots and a wedding which I am shooting as a gift to my cousin and it is a party of thirty so yes, I shall get my exercise, I am so glad my breathing when I am running around has gotten better, well excited about the plans that God has for me tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Thanking God for another day on my life changes. I found the hunger once again creepy up on me and I gave in. I started off right, but later I gave in. I didn't do well at all today as I would have liked, but I will push harder tomorrow.

Day 31

Breakfast: Two hash browns, and two boiled eggs and a glass of kool-aid
Lunch: Tuna with six saltines, and a glass of water
Dinner: Two small pieces of chicken breast, carrots and a Sprite. Sadly before it I ate a grab bag of cheddar chips and after, I ate two brownies,totally was full and my stomach was hurting. I believe that my stomach is shrinking because usually before I changed my eating habits, I could take all that food. I guess I better not try and try it again.

I got in my jog today and I actually jogged a little longer..yay me. That is another thing I need to keep watch on pertaining my eating habits. If I put unwanted junk in my body, it will only make me not want to jog or do any exercise. So I will keep in mind that I want to do my 5k, and I really need to push myself and even more when those hunger spells come on me or shall I say temptations, because that is all it is. My biggest goal is to, get to 200 pounds before the winter and I need to knock off these 84 pounds to get there and I know that with the help of God and me showing myself approved, and I know  it can be done. Aiming for 5 pound or more next week, remembering also that this is God's temple. I Need to post a big and I will do so once I reach 200. I will do a before and after shot. Well, about to do my sit ups and call it a night:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Great day today,I guess you can say, I am blessed to still be here, alive and well and looking ahead and not back. God is still working in my life daily and I just have to continue letting him work. I was so hungry today and I wanted more than what I had today or shall I say I wanted food, that was bad for me, but because of the grace of God. I fought that temptation and I am proud of me. I will have to not slack on my weekends, because it messes with my whole week. God is in control and I thank him for that, because. I can't do this thing alone. I also find myself not spending enough time in his word, I have allowed the Internet to consume a a lot of my time. I will have to cut back on Internet world and get in my time with God as well as Math time. We always want God to do a work in our lives, well we too have to show ourselves approved.

Day 30

Breakfast:two small pieces of sausages, piece of toast and a glass of water
Lunch: small amount of chicken noodle soup, five saltines and a glass of kool-aid
Snack: a few rasians
Dinner: two small baked chicken legs, small portion of mac and cheese, small portion of green beans, half glass of kool-aid and a glass of water.

I got my jog in this morning after breakfast. I timed myself and it is bad, but it is a start. I jog at the space of the light poles. It was only a minute jog and considering the length of the poles if you ask me as a start out. I am impressed, that I lasted a minute...lol. So I jog the space of the poles and walk some and jog some more. I only do it walking down my walking trail. My challenge will be to do it going down as well as coming up. I will do it at my pace, because actually as I was jogging today, I was less tired than before, so that is a good sign. So I am gonna challenge myself to jog a little longer tomorrow if it doesn't rain. I had to get on my treadmill tonight and I didn't want to, because I rather be out walking in nature, but hey God had to take care of the outside world and I am thankful for the rain. I treaded until I sweated and I forgot to time myself. That is becoming a habit so looks like I will have to pull out the watch. Well, I am  gonna keep working on my temple.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Wonderful day today, I know I have been M.I.A and the scale showed that today. My weekend eating habits wasn't to bad, but it wasn't good either. So I am forming a habit and I don't like it. I weighed today and I am still the same, from last weigh in. I fell to temptation and got lazy. I am gonna push on and keep going. I will beat this tempter out. I am telling this flesh of mine right now. "You will not do what feels good, but you will do what's right"

Day 29

Breakast: I didn't have anything
Lunch: Subway sandwhich, two peanut butter cookies and glass of water
Dinner: a Piece of baked pork chop, carrots, stewed totamos, white rice and a glass of water all was portioned out.

I jogged for about 15min today, it seems to becoming easier, I gotta keep it up.

Well, tomorrow since I am starting back I gotta stick to my routine and keep in mind that I am taking care of Gods temple.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is very late I know and actually it is day 26, but I needed to record my day and I can't sleep. I gotta get the sleeping in order also.Today was great and I felt so good, God is working.

Day 25

Breakfast, I had two piece of sausages small, a piece of toast and a glass of Kool-aid. I will give up the sausages a little. I jump roped for a good bit today about 15mins.... Yay me. Lunch, I had a tuna to go a glass of water and shortly after I was tempted with a brownie, there were two in the pack, but I ate just one. I then jogged my normal walking distance, I tried to jog back, but I don't think the body is ready for that just yet. Dinner, I ate two small grilled chicken breast, cream corn and green beans with a glass of kool-aid. I also finished off the other brownie.

I gotta get better with the sleep tomorrow as well as some stomach exercises. God is still working on this temple.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day Twenty-Four

Greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt day, for me today in the working out department. I feel a lot better and not to full, that is one thing in starting this healthy life style change I wanted to get accomplished and it has come to pass. I am not a diabetic and I don't plan to be so knowing that I taking better care of my health is a big plus. God is so go and he is not done with me yet.

Day 24

For breakfast today, I ate two pieces of sausages and a piece of toast with a glass of water.(I am really not big on the breakfast food, but I am gonna find something eles to eat in the morning that isn't bad, I gotta change it up. I am totally worried about eating the eggs like I do, I don't think that is a good thing). I actually jump roped again today, I did about three sets of seven(for some reason, the rope kept stopping at seven..lol. I will get better at it the more I try) them. For lunch, I ate a peiece of watermeleon and two pringle chips and a half (third one was broke..lol) and also a glass of water. I did my afternoon exercise. I jogged some and walked, I didn't time it, so I gotta do that next time. Dinner time I ate a piece of grilled chicken breast from the foreman grill, diced totamoes, green beans, Mexican rice and a glass of kool-aid. Before bed, I will do at least twenty crunches.

Well, prepared to see what tomorrow will bring, but I do want to jog more. I was gonna do a 5k last fall and well, my goal is to accomplish that by next summer. Well, I am gonna let God keep working on this temple.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Twenty-Three

A great day today once again, I am still focusing on this temple and wanting to please God. I also have decided that since I am no longer working. I will use this free time to focus more on God and let him to prepare me for the next task he will have for me. I don't know where he will lead me, but I am praying that where ever he sends me. I will be prepared for that task. God is so good and he will amaze you. So I am gonna let him use me. 

Day 23

For breakfast I had two boiled eggs, a piece of toast and a glass of water. My morning exercises I actually jumped roped, I did three sets of ten and I think that is how I will start out. I could never jump rope as a little child. I know my dogs were laughing at me..lol.I skipped lunch, but I guess the french fries from zaxby's was a lunch along with a sprite and I had about seven pringle chips(very bad I know). I did my normal afternoon walk. For dinner, I had a piece of  baked cube steak, green beans from yesterday, mashed potato's and a glass of water. Yeah, I had to many Tatars today. My dinner was portioned and it filled me up.

Well, I plan to jump rope more tomorrow and add in some sit ups at night or something. I am gonna just let God lead. Still working on this temple, thank God for another day of not bad eating...Yay:)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Twenty-Two

Well, I have been missing a lot of days and apparently, recording my days are helping with my weight loss. Last  weigh in was not good, but I was content with the results, because I didn't gain, or lose any I remained at the same weight. That scared me a little, because I wanted to hit my target weight lose for that week and lose 4 pounds, but that didn't happen. Well, I weighed in today and I have lost five more pounds. I am so excited and thrilled about that, I gotta keep it going and that has encouraged me all the more. Now with it being my 31st birthday today, that was a great gift to recieve and all thanks goes to God:)

Day 22

Well, today for breakfast I had two pieces of small sauages, a piece of toast and a glass of water. For lunch I ate a 6inch subway sandwhich and two peanut butter cookies, and a glass of kool-aid. I walked in the afternoon, because I slept during my morning walk (I gotta get to bed early) so I missed it. Dinner I had a piece of grilled pork chorp, mexican rice, stewed tomatoes, green beans and a glass of kool-aid and yes it was portion sized and I am full..lol.

I did fairly well, today and seeing that I lost 5pounds really pumped me up. I am walking alot and I gotta get in some other kinds of excersie, I will have to make myself. I seriouly wanna get in my jump rope and jogging, so I am gonna make myself do it. I can't allow my flesh to win, I tell it what to do and all these years I have been allowing it to control me and no more. I am 31 years old now and this weight will come off before 32, I am determined and by the grace of God it will happen. I am taking care of his temple and I know he will not leave me alone in this battle. That is what makes my God so good. My target weight for next weekend is 4 pounds or more. I am gonna push myself to be at least at the 200 mark before Christmas. This has been a great day and I thank God for another year to do his will.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength......Philippians 4:13


Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Fifthteen

Well, I already see that my weekends are keeping me out of rountine of this new life. I gotta find a way to keep the vibe going of working out though and even on the weekend as well as eating right. I did so poorly and I hate to see what the scale will say in the morning. I will be happy if I lost or even if I am still in the same spot verses gaining. This is another week and I am gonna keep on pushing.

Day 15

This moring I had two boiled eggs, a piece of taost and a glass of water. I got in my morning walk and then for lunch I ate some watermelon. I did my afternoon walk and then my dinner consisted of a grilled chesses balona saddwhich a peach and a glass of water. Not much a meal, but it was light..lol.

I am still in the mood of determination with this weight loss. I plain to get this accomplished, because it seems as if other things in my life that I want to complete seem to be hard at completing and I know it is nothing, but the enemy, because God said the we can do all things that strengthens him. So getting this weight off will be something, that I complete. I am determined to still work on this temple.