Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pray For The Children

 Some years back I was watching the news and I came across a story on sex trafficking in India. It was something that I didn't know about about and once I watched and learned about it. My heart was very broken, this was really the hands of the enemy, I could picture him in the flesh working through confused souls to hurt what God holds so dear and it is children. These children are sold into sex slavery, by the ones who has brought them into this world at such a young age only. I can not go on with all the details of how these little ones are treated. This still goes on today and I just want to reach out to them all, but I can't and I can't walk around in sad for them daily and worrying about their safety. This stayed on my heart for many days and I had no way of helping, but one thing I could do was pray. Pray is the key to everything and in all things it is what we should do, and that is what I did. I totally gave this to God.

 All of this left my mind for a while and it wasn't brought back up until I seen a movie, that was about the trafficking and I had no ideal that the movie would be about this and once again my heart felt so bad once again. I prayed for the kids again and it left my mind again. It seemed to have been like a cycle. The topic would come up many times and each time I would fell sad and yet also anger and I never really understood why, until now. God has his ways of opening our eyes to things.

 I got a newsletter from the Gospel for Asia and a free book called No Longer a Slum dog it is about the crisis of children in the world. I started reading it today. The book is filled with real life stories and how God pulled some of these kids up out of the enemies hands. I thank God for his people being all over the world and preaching the good news. I really thank the Gospel for Asia is a great out reach program and I pray that it will grow and have all that it needs to do Gods will.

 I desire to do some ministering in Asia and I am praying that God will prepare me for this journey. He may not even want me to go there, and there may be another place that he may send me before going there, but I feel very strong about this and my faith is so strong on this so much, that I will be like Paul when he went to Rome knowing he would die. I want to get the word out although it is being spreaded there already. Hearing the name Jesus being spoken from a perfect stranger can shoot your faith level even higher. I don't know what all God will do, but I will trust him and keep praying about mission and all the kids in Asia and all over the world.