Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Tweleve

Can you say Hooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttt, it is very hot in Georgia and today I think really topped it,104 degrees. I thank God so much for the sunshine and I know he controls the weather and I am letting him work. Lord, I am praying for some rain and if I can send my request, a week of rain would be wonderful. I know it would cut into my work, but Lord you will supply my needs. I thought about not having access to air condition and some people don't have that and some can't afford it. I even thought about the people on the streets. It really saddens me to think, that here I am with air and a shelter over my head and people tend to complain about all the uncalled for things. I am truly thankful that God has blessed me and I am more thankful, that the holy spirit brings it all back to my remembrance. I pray that God will provide give us all the some cool weather.

Day 12

Well woke a little earlier today, and I ate two small boiled eggs, a piece of toast and a glass of water. I didn't walk today, due to the heat and later on I got a little lazy. I did however do a some streches and I walked on the tredmill for about 15 mins. For lunch I ate a lasage smart one with a glass of kool-aid. I got a little hungry before dinner and I ate a peach. For dinner, I ate six pieces of fried chicken wings, they were the half wings, small portion of mixed veggies, small portion of yellow rice and stewed tomoatoes. I had a glass of kool-aid with the meal and water.

Yes, my dinner was I still gotta take it easy if I wanna meet my target weight. I am so proud of me I worked out a whole week and I ate right. All praises goes to God, I know that this has been all of him. I am entering into the weekend and I will stand strong, by the grace of God. The weekends cam be a challenge for me, when it comes to the eating and exercing, but I am determined to let God lead me on through as he is doing now. Gotta keep going for my this temple:)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Eleven

Praises goes all to God. I woke in pain and, well as a female these pains are common. Usually, I can't even do anything when this time comes around. I know that it was by the the grace of God only, because I managed to still go on with my day. Only God is all I can say:)

Day 11

Well, for breakfast I ate three pieces of sausage halves very small, that were baked, a piece of toast, and a peach with a glass of water. I took my normal walk, but I also jogged for about ten minutes(short but hey, I am still and it didn't feel bad. Lunch I ate a tuna to go and had a glass of water. My afternoon excersise consisted of taking photos, that required alot of movement and cleaning my church. For dinner, I got some Mickey D's. I had a quater pounder with cheese, medium tators and medium sprite.

I felt like I didn't eat to bad today, but I am praying that next week I am 4 pounds lighter of even more. So I gotta be carful with the food. God is still working with this temple, so I am letting him have his way. I didn't get in my jump roping, but there is always tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Ten

A long wonderful day today, I am so thankful that God carried me through another day of this process, that I am going through. I know that I am not done and he is about to do somethings, that not even I will be able to understand.

Day 10

  Today, I got my day started with the word of God, I want my God to do somethings in my life, so yes I am going to put him before all that I do. Breakfast, I ate about a cup full of cheerioes with 2 percent milk. For my lunch, I had my left other 6 inch sub from yesterday and I had a bottle water with it. I got in my first walk, a second day this week...Yay me. I also did my second walk and each walk was about 25 minutes(I will build up at my pace). For dinner, I ate three piceces of half of a chicken wing, which is like a wing and a half, yellow rice, stewed tomatoes and a peach. I also had another bottled water. Well, I am pround of myself because I wanted so bad to eat me some fried wings, but I fought the temptation, proud of me:)

 Well, I gotta get in some jump rope time tomorrow, because I wanted to start this week and I may even try and do some jogging. I also want to start on my situps and other excerise before bed. I gotta keep my body going. I am gonna win this battle of weight lose and get back in good health. My body is God's temple and I am gonna treat it better. I know that this is my season for a new temple:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Nine

Well, I have not recorded my others days so I will start here at day nine. This has been a great day, I can tell that my body is trying to adjust to changes, because the soreness is no joke. My weekend eating habits were not bad. I didn't pig out or over eat, but I didn't get in any exercises, well not my normal exercises. I was however on the move a lot so  I guess that was my workout. Especially my Photo Session on Saturday, I had one year old and he was very busy so he gave me a workout. Then on Sunday, my family had a reunion and I was on the move taking pictures. So I yes, I did get some exercise in. The biggest news I received today was that I lost three pounds. It isn't a lot, but it is better than nothing and I am so glad because I wouldn't lose anything. So now I know what I am doing isn't bad, but I know now to do better. I thank God so much for the motivation, that he has given me and I know that this journey is only gonna get better. I can have to also record that some things in my life were weighing a little heavy on n my heart and I thank God for giving me a peace of mine. I haven't once thought of those things this week. God is in the healing business and I thank him for healing me.

Day 9

 Today, I ate two boiled eggs, and two hash browns for breakfast, with a bottle of water. I didn't get my morning exercise in, but I walked in the afternoon. For lunch I had a 6 inch sub sandwich with two peanut butter cookies and a bottle of water.  Dinner I had a piece of grilled pork chop that I put on the foreman grill and mixed veggies and a bottle water. A little after I had some low fat popcorn.

So yeah I gotta work harder, because my target weight loss for next week is four pounds. I am gonna get in some jump rope time. I am also gonna cram my two times a day workouts. Well, looking forward to tomorrow:)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Four

Okay, this was another great day and I thank God so much for it. Today, I attended the Museum of Arts and Sicence in Macon Georgia, with the pre-teen girls in my Church. Wow, it was so fun and interesting and I totally enjoyed myself and after thinking I was gonna just be sitting in the house all week long, this was a blessing for me to even go. I will be sharing pictures soon.

Day 4

Well, this morning, I spent time with God and I am coming close to the end of Job. I want to fully understand it. So I am gonna read it again once I am done. For breakfast today I had grits, two small pieces of saugues, a banana and a glass of water. For luch, we ended up going to mcdonalds. I got a cheese burger and a medium fire and a sprite (so bad I know and I felt bad a little, and the food really wasn't good) to drink. I didn't get a proper workout today, but walking all over the Museum was good on a workout.  My leg was very sore, and I know that walking as I do was out of hand for me.I had a small bottle water while headed back. I wanted to get in more water, well I got in more than I did yesterday...Yay I slipped up and when it came time for dinner, while waiting I ate a grab bag of cheddar chips. Then for dinner I had four samll fried chicken stripes, corn and a glass of sprite(okay not so good on the water) and that was it. Well, tomorrow it is time to get back on track again.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Three

This has been a great day, and I made it over what we call the hump. I found myself a little tempted by the enemy, but I kept going. I think that, I am on my way, but I am still just beginning.

Day 3

Well, this morning I woke and I spent time with God reading in his word and preparing my day. I had two boiled eggs and a piece of toast and a glass of water for breakfast. Sadly, I didn't do a morning workout, but that is okay, I will challenge that tomorrow. For lunch, I had a sub sandwich from subway and two peanut butter cookies (okay cookies shouldn't have been and a glass of water. I pulled in a little studying after lunch, I am working on these word problems. I have to pass my math test so that I can get in school. That is one of my struggles and I need to get through this. So I am determined to fight this and with the help of God all things are possible.  I took my walk today with my brother, who is my walking buddy. I enjoy walking with him, because he motivates me. Tomorrow, I plan on walking a little longer, because after today's walk. I found myself not as tired as the other two days.For dinner, I had 2 small beef patties grilled (on the foreman grill, yes I love that with corn and carrots left over from the other day and I had a glass of kool aid, which I am gonna avoid next time. If I have to rate my eating today, I don't know what to say, but I am praying that once I go back and weigh myself on next Tuesday I will have lost some pounds.

My goals for tomorrow is to include more water. I am really not a big liquid drinker, but I need to do water of all things. Add more fruit, and some green veggies. Morning exercises, I think I might add some sit ups or something. Walk for a longer time. I plan to stay even more in tune in the presence of God. I am helping with the preteen girls on a trip tomorrow. I haven't been around that age group much, so I am excited to see how God will use me on this trip. I will also get some exercises in with them. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me tomorrow.

Day Two

What a beautiful morning I feel the present of the Lord all around. I figured I would post what day 2 was like, beginning that I failed to yesterday.

Day 2

Well, I actually got up and I fixed me some cereal for breakfast and it was only like a cup full. I then rested a little and I went right to the spending my time with God. I am reading in this book of Job. Job went through a lot and I am going through somethings as well and what better way to recover from a matter, than to hear what another went through and how they overcame. Although, his struggles were far greater than mine. I know that if God pulled him through, he will do the same for me. I then for lunch had the left over carrots, yellow rice and small pieces of chicken breast along with a glass of water. The portions were small. Instead of walking in the a.m. I walked at six. I also must confess that I had a bag of Cheetos's (not suppose to have, but I pressed on. Dinner I had a cup of corn and more carrots(still gotta get the fruit in and leave the carrots alone) and I had a grilled piece of pork chop, which I put on the Foreman Grill and I drunk a glass of sprite. That filled me up alone and no snacks after, I must say that I did well. I am gonna include fruits and more water for the rest of the week. Thank God for getting me through yet another day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Plan

  I decided to do something different with my life. It seems as if I reached a hard time, that a lot of people will go through in life and instead of having pity or allowing depression, to sink in on me. I have decided to fight all of that before it even attempts to hit me. I am  starting a new schedule for myself, since I have nothing but free time on my hand.

  I am focusing on my life with God, I am a Christian so I have to represent God. That has really slacked and I know that it is the reason why I am having such a hard time in life now. For me, and I can't speak for anyone else, but for me not having God's word in me daily is like a drug to me and I need it, if I don't stay in tune in his word, then I can't function and rehab want help. I am getting on board and staying in tune on his word like I should. I want a better life and without God, that is totally impossible.
I am focusing more on my weight, and yes I am serious this time, I am almost thirty-one and I want to get this weight out before I get older. Not to mention carrying extra weight has gotten me to the point to where I don't want to do anything. I hate the feeling and the lack of energy, I am not proud of, my body is a temple of God. I can't do all that he requires for me to do, if I keep destroying my body.
 While I tackle these task, I am gonna stay prayed up, because I know that I need my helper to make it through these trying times. The word of God says that I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.  There is no excuse for me  not be able to tackle all that I desire. I am putting it all in Gods hands and I am gonna let him go ahead of me. I don't care to have my photos taken, but I think for this journey and as I shed the pounds I will post some images, if I don't chicken out. Here is what day one and two was like.


I started off slow, but I am somewhat proud of myself. I am telling myself, that If I slip off, just to keep going. I woke at the time I wanted to. I ate breakfast which I thought was a little unhealthy, but not to bad. I had two boiled eggs, two small pieces of sausage and a glass of water. It was good, but I need to make it more healthier than I did a few strecthes shortly after and took a walk, but not to long of a walk, I started out slow so I only did a twenty minute walk. (Remember I am totally out of shape, so I am not gonna try and climb a mountain on my start out this walk really proved to me, that I need to keep it up. I have decided that each week I will walk longer than normal distance.
For lunch I had a balona sandwich and a glass of water. Not much I know, but hey I didn't even put the mayo on the sandwich. Some hours after that I went walking again for the same amount of time and then later for dinner, I put two small chicken thighs on the Foreman Grill. I had a small amount of yellow rice and I had some steamed carrots and a glass of sprite. I thought this wasn't to bad, but results will only Later I had a popcorn for a snack, which had light butter on it. I think my day of eating was good for me, compared to how it usually would have been, trust The only thing I didn't commit much to was reading the word of God like I planned. I will have to cut out something, so that is hindering me form that time. This was the first day and I don't think it was to bad.