Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello Blog

I have been M.I.A for a while I know and I have to come back and make it a daily thing, that I visit on a What has been going on in my life? Well, if you were wondering a lot as far as God is in control. As long as you have him in your life, then he will keep you busy if you let him.

I have to start off by saying that God is good and he will never ever change, my weight level is still not good, but I am in the process of getting back on that road to getting healthy for my temple, that God has given me. I was so upset that I stopped eating right and exercising  daily, and that this is a cycle that has been going on for like two years for me. I will get in a mood of doing so good health wise for like a month or two and then, just give completely up. I know that this is only the enemy and me allowing him to make me lazy. I am determined to fight with the help of God. He is the only one that I know will be able to pull me through this walk of health.
The Singles at my Church recently went on a retreat reach was very comforting, it strengthening me and really made me wish I had my own place to live with a job, that would allow me to take trips away like that, from time to time, but God is faithful and he will deliver. We attended a workshop and there were great speakers there, given us singles, so many words of encouragement. I took it all in, but the health and wellness topic really garbed me. I realized, that I am a single and I have only me, which means I have nothing but free time. There is no reason, that I am not healthy as I should be. Well, I am praying that God will give me the push and motivation that I need to start this walk of health back up.

I still don't have a job that is full time and I have stopped looking, which isn't good, but I am gonna get back on it, because I need to have income and start a life of my own. I can't allow others to keep taking care of me. I pray that God will grant me the favor, that I need once I start back applying for a Job. I pray that the things I don't have will be over looked, until I receive those things. I know that God wants to do some amazing things in my life and I am gonna stop telling him no and allow him to do those things.

My world of photography is good, and I am so thankful for that talent God has given me, you know I was doubting this whole photography thing and turning down weddings left to right all because of the material, I thought I needed and because I was at time ashamed to even do another wedding with my small camera as I would say. All alone, it was a test from God. I know that he wanted to see how I would do with what I had, before he blessed me with something better. He gave me this talent, so he knew I could preform this task and then he sent the clients, so that right there should have been enough to assure me, that God had my back with just what I was working with. I was just like the children of Israel wondering around in the dry lands. Complaining and not having faith at all. I even faced an obstacle, that really wanted me to give up on weddings period, until I got a better camera. Yet still trying to tell myself what to do with a business, that God had given me. He pull me out of that and I was determined to quit weddings still and my faith was lacking, and basically I was still telling God no when I turned down every person, that called me to do, their wedding. I know that that it is important to listen to God and let him lead you and I try to remember that, in this business. I always would repeat, that I would not buy a camera, but instead it would be given to me. I believed that with all my heart, because everything I had to start the business was given to me. The camera I used and the laptop, the editing software which is free and even the clients, that God sent my way. So being that I didn't have a way to purchase any of the items, I had to trust God. I am thanking God for what he has done and still doing in this business, on the 13th of March I was blessed with a brand new DSLR camera of my choice, a extra lens, a very highly priced camera bag of my choice and other accessories. God worked out everything in his time and all I had to do was to just remain faithful and accept, all the things he had given me. My God is good and I will forever praise him. I know that he will continue to bless me and for that I thank him all the days of my life.

Friday, January 4, 2013

So I have neglected this blog bad and I gotta get back on it. So shortly I will be back on it. I just noticed that I am still celebrating fall on