Friday, November 25, 2011

25th Anniversary

My church just celebrated their 25th anniversary, I am late on posting but it was very nice and I was glad to celebrate with my church. We had a formal banquet and I wanted to really go formal. I have only been in like one wedding and I have that dress, from that wedding which is still wearable, which shocked I wanted something new, so I got a very nice bride maids dress. I don't like having my photo taken, so I only have one photo of me in my dress, and that is my profile picture, with a very special lady. The Banquet was nice and I enjoyed it. It is nice to be apart of something formal and still give God all the praise. Below are just some photos of the people that were there.

My Pastor and First Lady
The Walkers

Tonya and her daughter Cherie

Tiffany, Terry, Amber and Ty
The Harris's

The Lee Family 

The Brundidge Family
The Body's

Charisma Gibson


Mrs. Mattie Chaney
Mrs. Mary Barnes

The Barnes Family