Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year!!!!

  The years come and go so fast and I always say, that I will change this and change that, and yet I find myself never following through with completing, what needs to be changed. Although, in it all I keep holding on to God, because I know that, that is one thing, that I will never change and that is my love for God. I know that God is taking me through somethings to prepare me for what he has ahead for me. I know at times, I want to give up on everything and just cry,but I refuse to allow any pity to get in the way. I don't desire to give the enemy joy. Many times it's what we allow when we get so overwhelmed with things, we don't realize that we are only giving room for the enemy to toy with our lives.
  I desire to stay focused on the things, that I need to be more focused on, this year, Even if it means cutting back on, things that I do, that are not really important in my walk with God. I thank God for the past I have had and the future he will give. This year I want to focus on what I can do that will please God. I want to pray even more for people, not just online, but out and about too. I wanna be like Paul, who told many about the gospel even when he knew he would be jailed for doing so. Even being in prison he still spread the good news. Wherever I go I want to spread the good news more. I pray that God will keep all distractions away from me, that will lead me off the right road.