Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Much Fun!!!

So, I have had so much fun with the preschoolers at my church. We have finished our trips for the summer and it was a blessing to see them smiling and having fun. It has been all fun and play doing what God has called me to do and that is show love. Here are some of the photos, from all the rest of the trips that we have taken.

                                  Here are photos to American Pie, Bible lessons, Pizza and Games

Musical Chairs

Musical Hugs

Good Pizza

Time for Lesson

   We went to Burger King after our trip to the space center in Columbus, and we took pictures looking out the train window.

Our very last trip, we took the kids to Butts Mill Farm, this was the best of all and the kids really loved it here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Ready

 Our church anniversary is about to come up and I was asked to be on the anniversary committee,I was placed over the decorating committee for the anniversary. God is doing something big, I was asked to do the beach baseball party a little after I was asked to be apart of the committee at church. I am still getting things together, I am working on the centerpieces and I had some stuff laying around the house, I wanted to practice on as an example of somewhat of what I will be doing. I will be posting my updates.

Working progress, but it will all come together, I can't wait until it is complete

Beach Baseball Party

 God is really allowing me to explore my talents, I don't know what direction he wants me to take this thing in, but I want move with it any further until he tells me to. I was asked to decorate a little girl's little league baseball party. One of the mom, that asked me to decorated wanted to do a beach theme as well, so I decided to combine it and make a Beach Baseball Party Theme. I had my ideas and ran with it and I think I did pretty good with it, the kids loved it. I was asked to do a another party and I have yet to hear back from the mom, but as I stated in another sentence, I want move until God tells me to move. I am ready to explore all the talents that he has given me, but only when he gets me the okay on it. Here are some photos from the party.

These are my candy drop flower centerpieces

No baseball is complete without peanuts, I placed inside the pink pails

One of the parents made party favors using beach pails, using her talent

Once I got all my ideas on the tables, it really fit the vision I had

A closer look
The kids enjoying their food on the setups
Jada looking at the centerpiece and ready to go for the candy inside the flower. This was a fun event and I enjoyed it. I also had balloons in each corner, that were the colors that was used throughout the decorations.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, once again it's the summer and our Church has started High Impact Summer. It's where we minister to communities around the county and give the kids a lot of love by sharing gifts with them, that some of them may not get. We have different on site activities in the communities and we also take some kids off site, to different places, such as  swimming, skating, to museums, other attractions, to the movies or just spending a day with them playing a few games and talking. During each of these events, God is always the center and on every trip that is taken we have a bible lesson that the kids do. The kids understand and know that God is very important and if it wasn't for him, there would be no trips taken or no fun events. So I am being very blessed, this year seeing, that the kids don't complain about doing the lessons. They get their lesson all done and  answer questions about the lesson and then get ready for their fun to begin. Our high impact summer is basically what I call a better vacation bible school. I want to share a few pictures from Fridays trip to the science center in Columbus Ga.
Waiting to leave for our Trip:)
At the science center after  seeing our movies

Me in a group shot with the kids
Playing one of the games

The kids loved this game and there was more games,but this was the best:)

Group shot  with the lead teacher after leaving out the center

Shot on the railroad tracks to end the trip at the center, we had fun