Friday, October 22, 2010

A Story To Tell!!!

Me and Kiplin  looking at the oldest Mason, as he take our picture.
Kip is too cute!!!

 I work as a Nanny and I teach two little boys. The oldest is seven and the youngest is three. They are a joy to be around. I take pictures of them from time to time, because just like teaching, I also love taking pictures. Well, today  I decided I would take some pictures of the boys. The oldest wanted to take pictures of me after I took his, he did  really good. I just did a little editing and added some soft touches to the photo's. I just wanted to share his work.

First Picture

Second Picture

Third Picture

This is mason the oldest isn't he cute!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My singles group at the Aquarium in Atlanta Georgia

lol..this otter was too cute!!

What a great day this was to get out. I had a great time at the Aquarium with my singles group and looking at God's creations, it really just  had me reflecting on how amazing  God is. I was so nervous about going inside the tanks. My fear of water is so crazy and I had to remind myself that God hasn't given me a spirit of fear. I still couldn't actally tackle that fear, so I went into the biggest tank there was at the Aquarium and I was still nervous, but I did it. I can't wait until our next outing. Here are some pictures I wanted to share!!

NLC Singles

Inside the Ocean Voyager, the biggest tank at the Aquarium

The Albino Alligator, I really liked this

The otter was so cute, he was trying to eat right here

These fish are so pretty

The tank I wouldn't enter and got a shot of it from the back

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting In Shape With God

It's not good to be overweight at all for heath reasons. Living for God and doing the things that he is calling you to do, you need to be not only in shape in the physical, but also in shape in the word. I have been dealing with my weight every since I was a kid and I have tried many diets. I learned that Diet's are not what I need; I need to get more in tune with what God will have me to do, to get in the shape that he needs me to be in. I am setting a goal weight and praying that God will renew my mind during this process because to me getting weight off is discipline and total control of the flesh. I am praying that God will help me start telling my flesh no and when it gets to hard, I pray that he will step in and take charge

So I have been in a routine of walking while taking God alone the way and it feels great.  I have been at it for about three weeks now. I even did a little jogging along the way, gotta start out Here is a picture of me at my biggest weight. I will keep updating as I down in size. Below is a picture of me at my biggest.
I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength...Philippians 4:13

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Chuch High Impact Summer !!!

  During the summer time my church doesn't do vacation bible school any more for the kids. We have taken it to the communities around our town. We go into different communities and minister to kids as well as thier parents. We do bible studies, games, skits and many other activites. This summer was really great and it's a blessing to bless alot of these kids, because  some of them never get to really leave their community unless it's church or school and it's a blessing to bless them. Some of these kids also attend our church on wednesday nights. The ones that comes on Wednesdays on a regular , we took them different places out of our county. This was my first summer really getting involved in it all and I loved it. Here is some of the fun below.
Our Wednesday night Primary girls and the two lead teacthers at Dauset Trails in front of the reptile house

My group I had once we split up, the girls decided to name our group "The Angels" and they loved that name.
One of our van drivers telling the kids about how they made syrup back on the old days. This was the farm part of the trail and it was really nice to so and learn about.

Mr. J explaning about the syrup again

The Barn on the farm and our other Van driver  telling the girls about it.


I also attended events with the preschoolers and it was very fun to hangout with them because the little ones loves to explore more and enjoy themselves no matter what. I attended only two events with them. The Coca Cola Space Science Center. This was a very intresting place for science lovers. I went to the airport with them as well in Thomaston Georgia. It was great looking and learning about the airplanes. The kids really enjoyed sitting in the pilot seat of one the planes that our tour guide build himself. They got to see sky divers and that really excited them, I was so taking by the skydivers I have decided on my 30rd birthday to do it, and yes I am praying about Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

The Preschoolers with one of our helpers on the left and lead teacher on the right at the . Coca Cola Space Center.

Kids spearded all out

Our van driver Mr. Marcus explaining about the rocket

I can't remember what this was called, but it had the kids attention more than anything

This is the game that had the kids attention

Preschoolers at the airport

Our tour guide

Makayla getting into the plane that the tour guide built
Inside the plane

Madsion inside the plane that the tour guide built

Skydivers in the sky


We also had events within this kids communties the first place I attended with the church was Faraview Apartments. It was a very hot day, but God was still in control. We had a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed face paintings, water sliding on the water slide, basketball and many other activies.

Kids playing around waiting for the fun to begin

Face painting

One of our parents getting ready to go down the water slide

The litte ones enjoying the jumping jumper

A little basketball game going on

One of our members witnessing, I am so glad I got that shot

The last onsite was at another Apartment Complex The Village, it was a very pretty day, not to hot. There was also a lot going on there as well and I tried to capture as much as I could. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

The little ones had fun playing this game in the water, not sure how the game was played.

This was a game of musical chairs and it was so funny

Now it's hula hoop time

Time for hop scotch, Priamry girls lined up to play

One of the members of the church explaining the rules in his way

Even the parents in the complex got involved

Parents helping out in dodge ball

The dump tank was really a hit and the kids loved it

Daruis our helper on the dumper really didn't like this

We had a special guest, a christian rapper and also a great witness from Bru Mike

Even more witnessing to some of the residents