Monday, July 16, 2012


Wonderful day today, I know I have been M.I.A and the scale showed that today. My weekend eating habits wasn't to bad, but it wasn't good either. So I am forming a habit and I don't like it. I weighed today and I am still the same, from last weigh in. I fell to temptation and got lazy. I am gonna push on and keep going. I will beat this tempter out. I am telling this flesh of mine right now. "You will not do what feels good, but you will do what's right"

Day 29

Breakast: I didn't have anything
Lunch: Subway sandwhich, two peanut butter cookies and glass of water
Dinner: a Piece of baked pork chop, carrots, stewed totamos, white rice and a glass of water all was portioned out.

I jogged for about 15min today, it seems to becoming easier, I gotta keep it up.

Well, tomorrow since I am starting back I gotta stick to my routine and keep in mind that I am taking care of Gods temple.

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