Monday, July 23, 2012


Well, I know it is late and I am fighting my sleep and I shouldn't be, I want to record my days 34 and 35. I had very busy weekend of picture taking, I must add that this and it is off the subject of my healthy recording, but I have to post it. You know it is so sad when you are not accepted by family members and totally over looked and talked about behind your back. I am a friendly and nice person and I give to all if I could and out the kindness of my heart I did a gracious thing for a family member and I was treated very cold. I am posting this as a lesson learned for someone who may read what I am writing. You see I could turn into this cold hearted mean person, but that is not me and I am a follower of Jesus, so I gotta make him look good in all things and at all times. I am gonna press on and not worry about yesterday's problems and leave yesterday with all its problems and forget it. I was mad, but God is still shaping and molding me and he wants to take me, to some places. So I have to be Christ like in all I do. I have decided to step away from weddings until I basically upgrade and learn a little more about photographing them. I had a very challenging experience on Saturday, that gave me the answer I needed to just announce no more weddings. I had to get that out, one more last time. Today was a better day, and I thank God for it.

Day 33

I only had water and one soda during breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had McDonald's I got a cheese burger with lettus, Medium French Fries, and Medium Sprite. My exercise that day was shooting pics at a wedding. I had a full workout with that and it was no joke.

Day 34

Breakfast:Two egg and a piece of toast with a glass of water.
Lunch: Skipped
Dinner: Subway 6inch sandwich, a few chips and a glass of water

Exercise was more pictures.

So tomorrow is weigh in for me and I am nervous, but I hope I didn't gain if I didn't lose anything, but the scale will tell. This week I plan to work harder on my working out and getting in my studies more. I am also gonna work on staying in tune with God, when I am faced with obstacles. I am still gonna stick to God's word and do his will.

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