Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Twenty-Two

Well, I have been missing a lot of days and apparently, recording my days are helping with my weight loss. Last  weigh in was not good, but I was content with the results, because I didn't gain, or lose any I remained at the same weight. That scared me a little, because I wanted to hit my target weight lose for that week and lose 4 pounds, but that didn't happen. Well, I weighed in today and I have lost five more pounds. I am so excited and thrilled about that, I gotta keep it going and that has encouraged me all the more. Now with it being my 31st birthday today, that was a great gift to recieve and all thanks goes to God:)

Day 22

Well, today for breakfast I had two pieces of small sauages, a piece of toast and a glass of water. For lunch I ate a 6inch subway sandwhich and two peanut butter cookies, and a glass of kool-aid. I walked in the afternoon, because I slept during my morning walk (I gotta get to bed early) so I missed it. Dinner I had a piece of grilled pork chorp, mexican rice, stewed tomatoes, green beans and a glass of kool-aid and yes it was portion sized and I am

I did fairly well, today and seeing that I lost 5pounds really pumped me up. I am walking alot and I gotta get in some other kinds of excersie, I will have to make myself. I seriouly wanna get in my jump rope and jogging, so I am gonna make myself do it. I can't allow my flesh to win, I tell it what to do and all these years I have been allowing it to control me and no more. I am 31 years old now and this weight will come off before 32, I am determined and by the grace of God it will happen. I am taking care of his temple and I know he will not leave me alone in this battle. That is what makes my God so good. My target weight for next weekend is 4 pounds or more. I am gonna push myself to be at least at the 200 mark before Christmas. This has been a great day and I thank God for another year to do his will.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength......Philippians 4:13


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