Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is very late I know and actually it is day 26, but I needed to record my day and I can't sleep. I gotta get the sleeping in order also.Today was great and I felt so good, God is working.

Day 25

Breakfast, I had two piece of sausages small, a piece of toast and a glass of Kool-aid. I will give up the sausages a little. I jump roped for a good bit today about 15mins.... Yay me. Lunch, I had a tuna to go a glass of water and shortly after I was tempted with a brownie, there were two in the pack, but I ate just one. I then jogged my normal walking distance, I tried to jog back, but I don't think the body is ready for that just yet. Dinner, I ate two small grilled chicken breast, cream corn and green beans with a glass of kool-aid. I also finished off the other brownie.

I gotta get better with the sleep tomorrow as well as some stomach exercises. God is still working on this temple.

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