Tuesday, July 31, 2012


God is doing some amazing things in my life. He is so good, I never have made it this far on eating right and getting daily exercises before. I would usually go for like a week and a half and then stop. I know that, this is no body but God's doing and I am so thankful for all he is doing and will do. I am beating my flesh and not letting it beat me. I am winning.

Day 44

Breakfast: Two- boiled eggs, two hash browns and a glass of water.
Snack: A grab bag of nacho rings chips

I skipped lunch and dinner. I know that, that wasn't such a smart move, but I will keep on pushing. I did however, walk and Jog today for my normal time and I did 10 sets of jump roping. I was so tired, but I got it done.....Yay me:)

Tomorrow I plan to really get in more stomach exercises and get into my math along with reading more of the word. God is covering me and I thank him.

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