Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Twenty-Three

A great day today once again, I am still focusing on this temple and wanting to please God. I also have decided that since I am no longer working. I will use this free time to focus more on God and let him to prepare me for the next task he will have for me. I don't know where he will lead me, but I am praying that where ever he sends me. I will be prepared for that task. God is so good and he will amaze you. So I am gonna let him use me. 

Day 23

For breakfast I had two boiled eggs, a piece of toast and a glass of water. My morning exercises I actually jumped roped, I did three sets of ten and I think that is how I will start out. I could never jump rope as a little child. I know my dogs were laughing at me..lol.I skipped lunch, but I guess the french fries from zaxby's was a lunch along with a sprite and I had about seven pringle chips(very bad I know). I did my normal afternoon walk. For dinner, I had a piece of  baked cube steak, green beans from yesterday, mashed potato's and a glass of water. Yeah, I had to many Tatars today. My dinner was portioned and it filled me up.

Well, I plan to jump rope more tomorrow and add in some sit ups at night or something. I am gonna just let God lead. Still working on this temple, thank God for another day of not bad eating...Yay:)

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