Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thirty- Seven

Well, today was a boring day, well it started out that way. I thank God for it though, because some people didn't even live to tell about it. So we need to be thankful for all of our days, rather they are good or bad. I did okay today I guess with the workout process. I went to the movies, so I didn't get to do any afternoon exercise. I am so thankful for my brother, he went to the movies with me. I normally go alone, which at first I use to feel awkward about going alone, but then I got to where. I just really didn't care anymore, because it is me alone. I wanna do fun things and I want let not having hang out buddies stop that, any how I enjoyed the movie.


Day 37

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, Two hash browns and a glass of water
Lunch: Banana and a glass of water
Snack: Medium Popcorn at movies with regular lemonade (Yeah, very bad..lol)
Dinner: McDonald's chicken sandwhich(which was very nasty) a medium french fries and a medium sprite

I jogged this morning and it was my exercise for the day. Well, one thing I do know is that I am improving because that meal from McDonald's was terrible and that Medium meal filled me up. Well, I will push on some more tomorrow.

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