Monday, July 23, 2012


Blessings from God, today was wonderful and it was also weigh in day. God is so good, and he keeps on doing great things for me. I lost 4 pounds today, I would have liked for it to have been more, but I am doing this thing right. I am so excited that Jesus has heard my cries and I am no longer eating food that isn't good for me as much as I was and I am showing myself approved by working out and eating right and I see God working. All glory belongs to him. I will be doing me a photo shoot soon of myself, it is time to get those before shots going. It is also time for me to make myself get back on my math. Because just as I am showing my self approved on this workout, I can do the same with this math. I thank God so much for the things he is doing in my life and will continue to do.

Day 36

I skipped breakfast due to me walking late and I went and weighed in, I gotta stop that missing breakfast.
Lunch: I had  the other half of my sub and a bag of chips I got yesterday from subway with and a glass of water.
Dinner: I had two piece of grilled cube steaks, corn and a glass of kool-aid

I jogged this morning and I walked this afternoon.

Time to go harder tomorrow and throw in some jump rope time and more jogging tomorrow. My target weight loss for this week is 4 or more pounds. I am determine to reach 200 before the winter and now I have to knock off  80 pounds and by the grace of God it will be done. I will continue working on this temple that God owns.

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