Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, today was an okay day, I haven't recorded anything since Wednesday, but my eating ways are still good. I also worked out during my time away from recording. I guess I have developed a rotiune and it is going good. I weighed in today and only lost a pound. I was a little upset, but the good news is that I am no longer in the 80's, but I am at 79. I can be glad about that, because I am knocking these pounds off of me thank you Jesus. I am so impressed that I am actually sticking to this way of living.
I shouldn't be because I knew that God would get me to where I need to be. I think I last posted about getting away from the computer some. Well, that would really be nice for I am just about finished on the last wedding that I did. I posted I would no longer do them, but I possibly have two coming up. I am gonna just shut my mouth and let God bring forth increase and thank him. He is trying to do something in me and I am pushing away, I am gonna just let him do him.

Day 43

Breakfast: a piece of bacon, a piece of toast and a glass of water
Lunch: one hot dog on bread, a few raisins and a glass of water
Dinner: grilled pork chop on the for man, green beans a small portion, mac and cheeses a small portion and a glass of water.

Today I jumped roped to the books of the bible, it is interesting, try In the afternoon, I did my jog and walked.During this week, I plan to get in more sit ups and other exercises that works the stomach. Also focus on getting this math out the way, I can't keep putting it aside. If God is helping me with the weight loss he will help me pass this test. I really love kids and I want so bad to work with them, but it seem as if there is something blocking me, but I don't care how long it takes. I will not give up and I want be defeated. God is about to do something big in my life, I know that he is. Gonna keep working on this temple:)

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