Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Thanking God for another day on my life changes. I found the hunger once again creepy up on me and I gave in. I started off right, but later I gave in. I didn't do well at all today as I would have liked, but I will push harder tomorrow.

Day 31

Breakfast: Two hash browns, and two boiled eggs and a glass of kool-aid
Lunch: Tuna with six saltines, and a glass of water
Dinner: Two small pieces of chicken breast, carrots and a Sprite. Sadly before it I ate a grab bag of cheddar chips and after, I ate two brownies,totally was full and my stomach was hurting. I believe that my stomach is shrinking because usually before I changed my eating habits, I could take all that food. I guess I better not try and try it again.

I got in my jog today and I actually jogged a little longer..yay me. That is another thing I need to keep watch on pertaining my eating habits. If I put unwanted junk in my body, it will only make me not want to jog or do any exercise. So I will keep in mind that I want to do my 5k, and I really need to push myself and even more when those hunger spells come on me or shall I say temptations, because that is all it is. My biggest goal is to, get to 200 pounds before the winter and I need to knock off these 84 pounds to get there and I know that with the help of God and me showing myself approved, and I know  it can be done. Aiming for 5 pound or more next week, remembering also that this is God's temple. I Need to post a big and I will do so once I reach 200. I will do a before and after shot. Well, about to do my sit ups and call it a night:)

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