Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Fifthteen

Well, I already see that my weekends are keeping me out of rountine of this new life. I gotta find a way to keep the vibe going of working out though and even on the weekend as well as eating right. I did so poorly and I hate to see what the scale will say in the morning. I will be happy if I lost or even if I am still in the same spot verses gaining. This is another week and I am gonna keep on pushing.

Day 15

This moring I had two boiled eggs, a piece of taost and a glass of water. I got in my morning walk and then for lunch I ate some watermelon. I did my afternoon walk and then my dinner consisted of a grilled chesses balona saddwhich a peach and a glass of water. Not much a meal, but it was

I am still in the mood of determination with this weight loss. I plain to get this accomplished, because it seems as if other things in my life that I want to complete seem to be hard at completing and I know it is nothing, but the enemy, because God said the we can do all things that strengthens him. So getting this weight off will be something, that I complete. I am determined to still work on this temple.

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