Friday, July 20, 2012


 Well, today was good, but I didn't get to do any exercises today. However, I had a photo shoot today and I was all over the place so I am considering that my workout for today. I am so glad that God has given me this talent of photography. I don't have all the materials I need and I don't have the right camera. I had to stop thinking and wishing that I had all I need for this business, because God is leading this business. He gave me the talent and the things I do have for it now. God will supply and I am putting all that in his hands. I am gonna continue to love my camera, that I have now and treat it as I would if I had the big one:)

Day 33

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a piece of toast with a glass of water
Lunch: I
Dinner: I have fast food, from a chicken restaurant. I got two pieces of fried wings, and french fries and I had a glass of kool-aid with it.

I hate I didn't get to do my jog in and I am gonna try my best to get it in at least once  tomorrow. I am booked all weekend with taken pictures and so I will use that as a workout if I don't get one, but I will be careful with what I eat. I have a wedding tomorrow it will be the forth one that I have done with my little camera and I am praying for nice weather as well as covering over me as I do this shoot dealing with many different personalities.

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