Thursday, July 19, 2012


God granted me with another day and I so very thankful for it. I woke a litter later, than normal, so I had a late start today. I was thinking today, that I seriously need to get in more study time. I am 31 and I don't want to be in my 40's still trying to pass this test. I am seriously gonna have to pull in some study time and let the PC go for a while, well It seems as if I have gotten addicted to it again. I am gonna work on that while maintaining my weight loss. God will help me out so I will just put myself out there to get the work done.

Day 32

Breakfast/Lunch: Two hash browns and one boiled egg and glass of water
Dinner: Two small ground beef patties on the foreman grill, Carrots and a glass of water

I jogged on and walked on and off in the morning and the afternoon...YaY me. God is so good, I also haven't been recording it, but I I have been doing some stomach exercise such as sit ups and stomach crunches and tonight I will be doing thirty crunches.

I totally feel better about my eating habits today, than I did yesterday, but hey I had a weak moment and I will have to avoid having those if I want to meet my goal.I am excited about my outcome of the day and I am gonna keep it up over the weekend as much as I can I have some photo shoots and a wedding which I am shooting as a gift to my cousin and it is a party of thirty so yes, I shall get my exercise, I am so glad my breathing when I am running around has gotten better, well excited about the plans that God has for me tomorrow.

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